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Michael Lewyn is an assistant professor at Touro Law Center in Long Island.
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Legalize Jaywalking

Anti-jaywalking laws are based upon questionable assumptions.

The Roots of Snowmageddon

Last week, many Atlantans were stuck in traffic overnight because of fewer than three inches of snow. What went wrong?

Learning from Chicago's Schools

As the north side of Chicago has gentrified, many Chicago schools' test scores have improved- evidence that if a city neighborhood attracts enough affluent families, its schools will become more attractive as well.

Affordable Housing Is Two Separate Issues

The policies that create affordable housing for the middle class might not be those necessary to prevent homelessness for the destitute.

An Urbanist Tu'b'Shevat Seder

How to bring an urbanist slant to the Jewish holiday of Tu'b'Shevat next week

The Creation of a "Drive to Qualify" World

The cost of intown housing makes suburbia fiscally tempting- but this is in part the result of deliberate policy choices by government.

Even Controlling For Poverty, Urban Places Are Thinner Than Suburbs

Poor neighborhoods tend to be fatter than rich ones, whether they are urban or suburban. However, poor urban areas tend to be thinner than poor suburban areas, and rich urban areas tend to be thinner than rich suburban areas.

Is Washington A Childless City?

Some media commentary suggests that fast-gentrifying cities such as Washington are unable to attract families. In Washington, the reality is more complex; the city's high-income neighborhoods actually gained children over the past decade.

In Every Age....

At least one Hanukah song is easily adaptable by urbanists.

Who Is Migrating To Cities?

Millenials really are migrating to cities in large numbers- but older age groups are merely leaving less rapidly than in the past.