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Michael Lewyn is an assistant professor at Touro Law Center in Long Island.
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How to Lead a Walking Tour

Leading a walking tour of your neighborhood can be easy if you focus on the basic differences between types of neighborhoods.

Airbnb and Affordable Housing

Does apartment-sharing reduce regional housing supply? Probably not very much.

Libertarian-Friendly Drought Control

Arid states can both reduce water use and avoid intrusive government by eliminating zoning regulations that mandate or encourage water-wasting lawns.

Cars Are Expensive (And Other Things the Census Taught Me)

National tables from the 2013 American Household Survey (AHS) are now public.

What Density-Phobia Gets Wrong

In her article, "What Champions of Urban Density Get Wrong," the Philadelphia Inquirer's Inga Saffron critiques attempts to increase urban population. This post responds to her work.

What Property Professors Are Writing About

A recent property professors' conference discussed a variety of issues of possible interest to planners including tightened home lending standards, municipal policies affecting the homeless, the Fair Housing Act, and inclusionary zoning.

Suburban Multifamily: Smart Growth or Smart Sprawl?

In suburbia, the line between smart growth and conventional sprawl is sometimes a blurry one.

Supply and Demand Denialism

Some progressives deny that the law of supply and demand applies to housing.

More Sensationalism About Gentrification

Governing's recent study of gentrification systematically exaggerates gentrification in a variety of ways.

High-Rises and Streetlife

The common claim that "high-rises kill streetlife" is often incorrect.