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Are Home Prices in New Urbanist Neighborhoods More Resilient? Evidence from Metro Portland

A new article in the Journal of Planning Education and Research (@JPER7) by Hongwei Dong of California State University, Fresno, asks whether New Urbanist developments were more resilient in terms of recovering from the 2008 real estate crash.

How Planners Use Planning Theory

Andrew Whittmore of the University of North Carolina Department of Urban and Regional Planning identifies planning theory in everyday practice.

The Eco Village Concept: Climate Mitigation Might Require Experimentation

Robert Boyer of UNC-Charlotte discusses his new article on the hurdles surrounding building environmentally friendly Ecovillages. Follow Journal of Planning Education and Research @JPER7.

Shadow Transnationalism and Planning

The Chester Rapkin award goes to University of Oregon's Gerardo Sandoval for work on the impact of transnational communities and planning.

New York City BIDs Have Indifferent Impacts on Economic Growth

"Rather than serving as a buffer against economic decline for independent retailers, it seems that Community BIDs are a hindrance to sales and employment growth..." writes Dr. Stacey Sutton in the Journal of Planning Education & Research.

Green Health Tools for 'Back to School'

Nisha Botchwey and Kirsten Cook detail the articles available on the subject of green health and schools in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal of Planning Education. (Articles mentioned in this post have Open Access through September.)

New Research: Are Women Empowered by New Urbanism?

Charlotte Fagan and Dan Trudeau (Mcalester college) study two New Urbanist neighborhoods in Minneapolis to understand the ways in which New Urbanism impacts the empowerment of women.

Land Use Planning Crucial for Mitigating Pipeline Hazards

Open Access to Anna Osland's Article, "Using Planning to Mitigate Hazards from Hazardous Liquid and Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines." Link here: Osland finds land use planning is overlooked in N.C. pipeline networks.

New Research: Social Vulnerability Significantly Predicted Storm Damage from Hurricane Ike

Wesley E. Highfield, Walter Gillis Peacock, and Shannon Van Zandt from Texas A&M examine the damage after Hurricane Ike and its relationship to social vulnerability (Available via Open Access, in a new JPER article.

New Research Suggests Collaborative Approaches Produce Better Plans

Open Access to Deyle, Robert E., and Ryan E. Wiedenman. "Collaborative Planning by Metropolitan Planning Organizations A Test of Causal Theory."