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New Research: Planning for Cars That Drive Themselves

Erick Guerra of U Penn guest blogs about his new article in Journal of Planning Education and Research, which explores why regional plans have overlooked the future of autonomous vehicles.

When Can Economic Advocacy Succeed in City Hall?

Marc Doussard of University of Illinois guest blogs on his new work in the Journal of Planning Education and Research, available with open access through Dec. 15, 2015.

Economic Benefit of Increasing Neighborhood Walkability: Is it a Myth?

Researchers from Texas A&M blog about their study of the economic benefits of walkability in neighborhoods in Austin, Texas.

Oregon Is Not Just Portland: Planning a Sustainable Economy in Peripheral Areas of the American West

Dr. Robert Young of UT-Austin guest blogs about his work on the challenges of promoting sustainable development in peripheral areas of Oregon.

An Equitable Recovery? New Orleans Ten Years After Katrina

University of New Orleans Professor Dr. Anna Livia Brand writes about the shortcomings in the recovery planning process in post-Katrina New Orleans caused by unaddressed racial inequality.

America's Streets: Two Ways to Urban Regeneration

Dr. William (Billy) Riggs guest blogs about his new research in Journal of Planning Education & Research. Dr. Riggs is Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo focusing on quantitative community analysis and urban planning policies.

A Better Solution to Reusing Abandoned Property: Evidence from Flint and Detroit

Margaret Dewar of the University of Michigan blogs about her new article in Journal of Planning Education and Research, which investigates reuse of abandoned property in Detroit and Flint. You can download the article free until August 31, 2015.

Which Streetscape Features Best Generate Pedestrian Activity?

Reid Ewing and Amir Hajrasouliha guest blog about their new article investigating the impact of street micro environments on pedestrian activity.

Three Reasons to Use Livability as a Vehicle for Sustainability

Meghan Gough, assistant professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University, guest blogs about her work on balancing livability and sustainability.

Process and Outcome Best Practices: Interviews with Exemplary Planning Practitioners

Well known planning scholar and theorist Dr. Karen Christensen, from UC Berkeley, introduces her findings from a decade of interviews with exemplary planners in the San Francisco Bay Area.