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Norman Wright, AICP, is the Director of Development Services for Columbia, Tennessee
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A Tribute to Small Town Urban Planning

Working for a small town doesn't just teach you how to plan a community; it teaches you how to be a part of it.

See-Saws, Circles, and Narrative Fallacies

A minor word of caution on statistical inference and the stories it can tell

The Shared Dynamics of Obamacare and Public Transit

Seems like an absurd pairing, right? Perhaps so but please hear me out.

Those Who Inspired Me Most In 2013

A look back at the special people who inspired me (and perhaps you, too) the most in 2013.

What Planning Will Do

With our limits defined, the remainder of what planning is quite powerful. And barely explored.

What Planning Won’t Do

To realize what the act of planning is capable of, it helps to consider what is out of reach.

The Google Barge and the Future of Mobile Retail

The Google Barge is fascinating not for what it is but what it could herald: a future where our retail stores come to us rather than us to them.

A Problem Statement about Problem Statements

Do you really want to solve the Big Problem in your city? If so, maybe the best way is to stop thinking about it.

How to Make a Resilient City (budget)

Building intensity can do just about everything: make a city budget more resilient, conserve land, and encourage infill. And possibly make your morning omelet.

Smart growth and city budgets: what matters most?

Where you build is important. But when it comes to city budgets, how much you build matters more.