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Scott Le Vine, AICP is a research associate in transport systems at Imperial College London.
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Cleaner Air In Paris? There Will Be an App for That

Cars, smartphones, and Paris’ air quality crisis.

In Britain today, it ain’t easy being green (Part 1)

How much young men drive has fallen very sharply in Britain – a drop of nearly half since the mid-1990s, a shift it is fair to characterise as both astonishing and unprecedented. It’s rather more complicated to say whether it’s good or bad news.

Bring ‘em on? Planning for the Robo-cars

Now is the time for planners to engage in the public debate on vehicle-automation – leaving it to the car-makers and search-engine providers (and their legions of techies) won’t deliver the livability outcomes planners aim to achieve.

Hold off on Zipcar’s Eulogy: Planners are Key to Carsharing’s Next Act

The recent purchase of Zipcar by Avis is just the latest sign that carsharing is in a period of flux. As shared-mobility evolves in the next few years, planners can play a crucial role in ensuring that the industry serves those in need of alternatives to car ownership, generates revenues for municipalities, integrates with public transportation, and delivers wider benefits.