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Michael Lewyn is an assistant professor at Touro Law Center in Long Island.
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Is Turnabout Fair Play?

If American politicans and bureaucrats had favored public transit or pedestrians as aggressively as they favored cars in the 20th century, public policy would be very different indeed.

Obstacles to a "Metropolitan Revolution"

In theory, cities might be able to revitalize their economies and infrastructure. But in reality, state governments can create all kinds of obstacles to city policy.

Who's Returning To The City

Are children, millenials and baby boomers returning to cities? The best answer: sometimes, sometimes, and maybe not.

Progressives and Urbanists- A Difficult Relationship

Although conservatives don't always support urbanism, neither do progressives.

The Side Effects of Property Taxes

American reliance on property taxes leads to NIMBYism and periodic tax revolts, thus impeding both development and basic public services.

How to Encourage Terrorism

Shutting down cities as a response to terrorism makes such violence more rewarding and thus more tempting.

Planning is Not Necessary

Municipal comprehensive plans are neither necessary nor sufficient for smart growth.

A Minor Setback for Pedestrians

Municipal setback requirements inconvenience pedestrians for no good reason.

Which cities are (perceived as) safest?

A Gallup poll asked residents of each Congressional district whether they felt safe walking alone at night in their city or area. Although city residents feared crime more than suburbs, there were some surprises.

The "Vertical Sprawl" Myth

Opponents of high- and mid-rise development often use the term "vertical sprawl." But in fact there is little similarity between high-rise infill and suburban sprawl: the major arguments against one do not apply to the other.