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Michael Lewyn is an assistant professor at Touro Law Center in Long Island.
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Secrets of Congestion-Busting Cities

Only nine regions experienced reduced traffic congestion between 1991 and 2011. What do they have in common?

Critiquing the 'Twenty Percent' Argument Against Transit Funding

This post critiques a common argument against federal support for public transit: that transit gets 20 percent of transportation spending yet has a much lower market share.

Why Accusations of 'Racism' Don't (Usually) Work

Conservatives and liberals tend to define "racism" very differently. As a result, accusations of racism tend to be unsuccessful outside ideologically homogenous environments.

When Nuisance Suits Are a Nuisance

In one Texas case, homeowners are suing a new apartment building for nuisance. If such suits become common, infill development will become less common, causing higher rents and more citywide vehicle traffic.

How Often Do Cities Mandate Smart Growth?

A recent Mercatus Institute paper addresses the frequency of minimum density regulations, maximum parking requirements, and similar regulations.

Learning From Kansas City

Kansas City is losing families to suburbia because of its allegedly subpar schools. How can families be lured back to city schools?.

Learning From My Condo

Even if new housing is expensive, it can reduce overall housing prices by causing existing units to become more affordable.

Let Our Children Walk

Many Americans believe children should not be free to walk alone, because of crime and traffic. But children constantly driven around by their parents or locked away at home are also subject to significant risks.

Highway to Serfdom

Classical liberal commentator F.A. Hayek argued that monomaniacal government planning would eventually lead to limits on individual freedom—and government hostility to pedestrians may be an example of this.

Mission Accomplished? Not Yet

Even if today's renters and homebuyers are more likely to want urban life and walkable neighborhoods than their parents, plenty of political obstacles stand in their way.