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Michael Lewyn is an assistant professor at Touro Law Center in Long Island.
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Right to the City

You may not have a moral right to live in an expensive city—but does the government have a moral right to exclude you?

Which Suburbs Have Futures?

The suburbs most likely to prosper are those with wealth and/or walkability.

Two Types of Black Suburbanization

African-American migration may reflect an attempt to escape poverty-related social ills rather than an attempt to escape gentrification.

How to Teach About Sprawl (and Law)

Describing a seminar on "Sprawl and the Law" at the University of Pittsburgh.

Definitions (of Gentrification) Matter

Whether gentrification is common depends on how one defines it.

Where the Candidates Live

Some presidential candidates favor sprawl, but a surprising number live in cities or inner-ring suburbs.

New Research on Gentrification

Describing the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's recent study on gentrification in that city.

Supply, Demand, and Housing Prices, Part 2

Rebutting arguments against the law of supply and demand.

Good Congestion and Bad

The phrase "traffic congestion" can be misleading; some reductions in traffic speed are less harmful than others.

The Economics of Rent Control

A simple explanation of why strict rent control reduces housing supply, and why moderate rent control does so to a much lesser extent.