Zucker Systems
Aug 19, 2014
Planning is Funny, 295 pages, 1550 captions organized by 80 topics, one for every occasion. Authorizes you to use the cartoons for office newsletters, reports, speeches and personal use. Cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Dean Vietor. Available in digital and hard copy at Zucker
University of Illinois at Chicago Urban Planning and Policy
Aug 13, 2014
University of Illinois at Chicago Urban Planning and Policy Graduate Program Information Session Saturday, September 13, 2014; Chicago; Want a city that works? Plan It. Manage It. Lead It. Pursue a career that allows you to make a difference in your city from the start.
Aug 12, 2014
A recent report released by HUD, “Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities,” features case studies of five cities that have attempted to transform into Connected Communities.
Aug 12, 2014
Join a multidisciplinary team of designers and thinkers in a studio program that drives change in Chicago communities. Collaborate with community partners to develop socially-responsible and environmentally resourceful design solutions that address our greatest urban challenges.
Aug 11, 2014
Unprecedented access to where and when populations travel in rural and non-urban areas delivers more accurate data with significantly reduced costs
International Economic Development Council
Aug 8, 2014
The International Economic Development Council’s 2014 Annual Conference, held in Fort Worth, TX this October, will explore how communities around the world are meeting fresh challenges and transforming their economies for the future.
Aug 7, 2014
Join us in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN on September 21-24 for Rail~Volution: the leading national conference on building livable communities with transit. We bring leaders together to connect, share big ideas, ask tough questions, explore real-world examples & jumpstart new projects. Join the movement.
International Economic Development Council
Aug 6, 2014
The International Economic Development Council’s 2014 Professional Development Series
Aug 5, 2014
The spring/summer 2014 issue of Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge Into Housing and Community Development Policy, focusing on the impacts of housing discrimination and segregation on communities and efforts to combat it, is now available online.
Aug 1, 2014
2015 HUD Secretary's Opportunity and Empowerment Award