American Planning Association
Dec 8, 2015
APA is currently accepting applications for the May 2016 AICP Comprehensive Planning Exam and AICP Advanced Specialty Certification exams.
University of Kentucky, Geography
Dec 7, 2015
Come explore the exciting world of web mapping with online classes at the University of Kentucky! Courses in open source mapping for the desktop (QGIS) and the web (CartoDB, Leaflet) begin on Jan. 17th. Applications are due Jan. 3rd. These courses were created with working professionals in mind.
Local Government Commission
Dec 7, 2015
Early-Bird rates for the 2016 New Partners Conference have been extended through December 29th! Register today and save $50 on conference fees.
American Planning Association
Dec 3, 2015
Are you eager to advance your planning career? Earn certification from the American Institute of Certified Planners! “AICP” after your name will prove your knowledge, experience, skills, and commitment to lifelong learning and ethical practice. Plus, certified planners earn more, even when experienc
HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research
Nov 20, 2015
The Summer/Fall 2015 issue of Evidence Matters: Transforming Knowledge Into Housing and Community Development Policy, which highlights regional planning, is now available.
American Planning Association
Nov 19, 2015
It's a fact. The zoning problem you're struggling with today has probably already been solved by somebody else. But how can you find out what's working without spending a lot of your valuable time? The latest issue, focusing on tiny houses, is now available for download.
American Planning Association
Nov 18, 2015
Delve into the state of the real estate markets after the great recession with this APA Signature Series webinar. Take stock and discover ways to increase the value of planning in a market-driven world.
San Francisco County Transportation Authority
Oct 29, 2015
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PLANNING AND ENGINEERING SERVICES (RFP 15/16-03) Notice is hereby given that the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is inviting proposals from interested firms for planning and engineering services for the San Francisco Long Range Transportation Planning Program
The American Institute of Architects
Oct 20, 2015
Apply for inclusion to the AIA's 2016 Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) Program
HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research
Oct 14, 2015
What are the critical research questions and policy areas HUD should explore next? The Office of Policy Development and Research is currently seeking your help in answering that question as we develop our research agenda—known as the Research Roadmap—for the next few years.